How Did You Learn Spanish?


The single most common question that people ask me is: how did you learn Spanish as a second language?  It makes sense. Learning a new language is a common aspiration for many Americans  just below losing weight and quitting smoking. These researchers suggest that language learning is a great resolution for the new year.  Here […]

Hispanics perfect candidates for GOP registration!

My letter to the editor was printed in the Daily Oklahoman today.  Here is the link. Here is the original text: Why do some Oklahoma Republicans insist on focusing their efforts on antagonizing Oklahoma’s Hispanic immigrant population?  (See: South Oklahoma City is a hotbed for Capitol’s illegal immigrant foes) The majority of Hispanic immigrants in […]

Mariachi is Mexican Blues Music

Earlier in life I thought that Mariachi music was great fun. Everything about them is exaggerated. They are brightly dressed with the overly ornate shine of the traditional Mexican vestments. Their hats are grossly oversized and often their boots are long and pointy like an elf’s shoe. They move from table to table and sing […]

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